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June 12, 2002

Halter starts work on NOAA vessel
Halter Marine, Inc., a subsidiary of Friede Goldman Halter, has started construction of NOAA's (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) newest vessel the M/V Oscar Dyson.

The vessel is scheduled for delivery in 36 months at a price of $38.3 million. It is anticipated that options for additional vessels will be exercised as Congress incrementally appropriates funds. NOAA may build up to three additional Fishing Research Vessels (RFV) under the terms of the contract, pushing its value to more than $165 million.

The M/V Oscar Dyson is a state-of-the-art Fishing Research Vessel named in honor of Oscar Dyson, who pioneered the expansion of the commercial fishery of crab, shrimp, and pollock.

The vessel will be homeported in Kodiak, Alaska as part of the NOAA fleet. The Office of Marine and Aviation Operations will operate the vessel, with a crew composed of civilians and officers of the NOAA Commissioned Corps -- the smallest of the nation's seven uniformed services.

The completed vessel will be 63.6 m in length, with a beam of 15.0 meters and a draft with the centerboard in an up position of 5.9 meters. The vessels will house multiple laboratories and is designed with a 40-day endurance.

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