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August 31, 2002

VLCC wins commendation

The master and crew of the VLCC Osprey have been awarded a certificate of commendation by the Marshall Islands register for "outstanding seamanship and courage." The Osprey was involved in the rescue of all 22 crew members of a foundering ship, carried out in difficult conditions in the Arabian Sea.

The Osprey, a Marshall Islands registered, 1999 built double-hull tanker of 284,893 dwt, is operated by International Marine Transportation Ltd., an Exxon Mobil subsidiary. It is manned by British officers and a Filipino crew. The master is Captain Stephen Williams.

"Captain Williams and his crew did a magnificent job in difficult conditions", said William Gallagher, president of International Registries, Inc., which runs the Marshall Islands register. "They demonstrated outstanding seamanship and courage, in keeping with the finest traditions of the sea. We are proud to have Osprey under the Marshall Islands flag."

On August 17, on passage in ballast from Japan to Fujairah, Osprey received a distress call the Cambodian registered dry cargo ship Magi. Osprey diverted to the scene and found the Magi in sinking condition. The crew abandoned ship by lifeboat. When the lifeboat's engine failed, in near gale conditions, rough seas with  a heavy swell, the Osprey launched its rescue boat. After a difficult tow, which was aided by the tanker maneuvering to create a lee, the lifeboat was brought alongside. The seamen were rescued uninjured.

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