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August 20, 2002

Shipowners make maritime security proposals
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is currently developing maritime security regulations that promise to have at least as big an impact on shipping as all the antipollution and environmental protection regulations of the last ten years. Security-related issues account for about half the program at our upcoming Maritime Legislation, Regulation & Policy conference, Washington, DC, September 17 & 18, 2002.

Shipowners and those who work with them need to be aware of what's going on right now, while legislation and regulations are still being formulated, because once new rules are in place it will be hard to get them changed.

The next step in the IMO process is for an "Intersessional Working Group" to meet in London September 9 through 13.

INTERTANKO has joined the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and other industry organizations to make submissions to to this meeting. The submissions represent the industry's practical suggestions for making some of the proposals actually work.

For instance, one proposal is for a PORT SECURITY ASSESSMENT AND PLAN, which calls for a requirement 'for all ports with facilities covered by the proposed SOLAS provisions on security to carry out a Port Security Assessment, produce a Port Security Plan and nominate a Port Security Officer'. The industry submission can be viewed on INTERTANKO's web site at: <>

The submission on SHIP SECURITY ALARM 'identifies issues arising following industry consideration of the issues arising from the proposed introduction of a ship security alarm'. It can be viewed at: <>

The submissiom on CONTROL CONCEPTS focuses on industry consideration of the proposed Regulation 9 to Chapter XI-2, 'which gives contracting governments, in certain circumstances, wide powers, the exercise of which could have serious economic ramifications for the ship'. The submission can be viewed at:

IDENTITY DOCUMENTS FOR 'DULY AUTHORIZED' PERSONS deals with the obvious need for Masters and Ship Security Officers to control access to the ship at all times, at sea and in port. The submission can be viewed at: <>

The submission on SHIP IDENTIFICATION NUMBER proposes to delete the proposed regulation requiring all ships to be permanently marked, on the exterior, with their IMO Number. It can be viewed at: <>

Security concerns are highlighted in the paper on LONG RANGE TRACKING, which can be viewed at: <>

The submission on AIS - ISSUES ARISING FROM ACCELERATED IMPLEMENTATION, focuses on the practicality of an amended Regulation V/19 with accelerated dates for AIS implementation. It also focuses on the responsibilities of administrations and the security of information collated, as related to ship safety. The submission can be viewed at:

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