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August 7, 2002

Shipping a shiploader

One of the world's most sophisticated bulk shiploaders was recently transported from Corpus Christi, Texas to Venezuela by the flagship of New Orleans based Intermarine's new series of heavy lift vessels, M/V Industrial Century. The dual orbiting slewing unit was designed and erected by Svedala Industries for the Sincor Coke and Sulphur handling project in Jose, Venezuela.

Intermarine's M/V Industrial Century transported the unit to the Port of Guanta where it was transloaded to Intermarine's Barge Sophie J (a 300 ft x 100 ft ocean going flat-deck heavy lift barge with more than 2,000 square meters of cargo stowage area). After delivery to Jose, the Barge Sophie J was used as a staging platform for construction support during the assembly of the shiploader at the erection site, which is approximately one kilometer from shore.

The shiploader and all its components totaled about 12,000 CBM of which most were odd size pieces. The heaviest pieces were the counter weights at 120 and 110 metric tons each. The cargo utilized almost 100% of the Industrial Century's capacity. The ship which features a hatch opening of 71 meters, box shaped holds, and adjustable tweendecks was perfectly suited for the safe handling of the shiploader.

The Industrial Century is one of seven 8000 dwt sister vessels with a 16.5-knot service speed and two 200 metric ton electro-hydraulic cranes combinable for 400-ton lifts. All seven ships are operating in Intermarine services.

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