September 24, 2003

Flooding hits USCG Headquarters
Most stories about the U.S. Coast Guard and hurricanes are about the Coast Guard coming to the rescue. In the case of Hurricane Isabel, however, the Coast Guard found itself on the receiving end.Two levels of the Coast Guard's Washington headquarters building were completely submerged by rushing flood waters from the Potomac River

Tomorrow there will be a mandatory meeting for all employees of Coast Guard Headquarters to discuss issues as a result of damage sustained by the Headquarters Building. A notice on the USCG website says the meeting will be held on Thursday, 25 September at 1100 at the MCI Center. All employees must have a HQ security badge or government ID to enter the MCI Center for this meeting. Parking is severely restricted at the Headquarters Building; therefore employees are strongly encouraged to take Metro to the MCI Center. While parking is available in the vicinity of the MCI Center, it will not be a reimbursable expense. Military personnel who do not have uniforms at home are authorized to wear civilian attire in order to avoid having unnecessary personnel in the building. Employees should continue to check the HQ hotline (1 800 842-8740) for building status updates.

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