September 19, 2003

Second Sea Boats contract for Senesco
Senesco Marine, headquartered in Quonset Point, Rhode Island, has signed a second contract with Fall River, Massachusetts-based Sea Boats, Inc. to build another 80,000-barrel, double-hulled barge. Construction is well underway and the barge expected to be complete by April of 2004.

Earlier this year, Sea Boats launched the "Tennessee," its first 80,000-barrel, double-hulled barge built by Senesco Marine. Sea Boats then needed another such barge built, and fast.

"Because of [OPA 90] our customers must replace their single-hulled barges with double-hulled vessels," explained Gary Schuler, Senesco Marine's CEO, adding that in many cases new barges must be in place by 2005.

"To accommodate our customers," said Schuler, "we've maximized our production capacity by implementing a new, on-time design, build, and deliver process."

OPA 90 forces the retirement, as of 2005, of single-hulled barges that are 25 years old or older.

Sea Boats found itself in this situation with its next barge, so company executive Don Church turned once again to Senesco Marine.

Schuler said that the new barge that his company is building for Church will be even more impressive than the first one. "The new barge will sport a sleek new design, developed by the architectural firm of Guarino & Cox, our new strategic design partner."

New design features include a raised trunk that will be smooth on the outside. The bow and stern will also be built differently to make towing of the barge an easier task for tugboats. The barge's crew, according to Schuler, should find that this vessel is safer and easier to maintain as a result of these design changes.

"Senesco Marine delivered a quality vessel the first time around," Church says. "The people at Senesco Marine are not only great to work with, they're exceptionally talented as well. So our decision to return to them for our next double-hulled barge was an easy one."

With the new barge slated for completion by April of 2004, Schuler reports that Senesco Marine is already 6 weeks ahead of schedule. "Our second Sea Boats barge is putting our new, on-time design, build, and deliver process to the test, and I'm pleased to report that we're doing very well."

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