September 1, 2003

Kvichak delivers foil assisted survey cat
The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recently welcomed the delivery of the S/V Moritz to its New York District. The all-aluminum 58 ft foil-supported survey catamaran, designed and constructed by Kvichak Marine Industries, will conduct hydrographic surveys in connection with operation, maintenance and new construction in and around New York Harbor.

This is the second survey catamaran Kvichak has delivered to the USACE in 2003. The USACE's Marine Design Center was instrumental in all design and construction phases of the Moritz, as well as its predecessor, the S/V Irvington that operates in the Mobile District.

"There are many technical reasons why we chose a catamaran," explained USACE's Alan Dorfman. "The foils increase fuel efficiency and add speed, while the catamaran hull provides the opportunity for 200% survey coverage and the inclusion of a moon pool can be used for a variety of ancillary survey missions, such as ROV operations and bottom sampling."

200% survey coverage, in one pass, is accomplished by mounting dual Reson SeaBat 8101 multi-beam transducers under each catamaran demihull in faired housings. By contrast, monohull vessels in the USACE's fleet incorporate a single keel-mounted transducer, which requires double passage over the survey area to generate the required 200% coverage. "The catamaran can provide 200% coverage concurrently in one pass, thereby increasing survey accuracy and efficiency," said Dorfman.

In addition to the Reson survey gear, the Moritz incorporates a Ross Sweep Arm System. 16 ft sweep arms are stowed in hull pockets and once deployed provide a sweep width of approximately 48 feet. The USACE has used Ross systems on other vessels and chose Ross again because of high quality, reliable performance and the transition to the new boat will be seamless in terms of training field crews and processing personnel.

The 58 ft x 18 ft aluminum catamaran incorporates the Hysucatâ foil design. The Hysucatâ system utilizes two hydrofoils spanning the catamaran tunnel to provide increased fuel efficiency, improved speed and ride characteristics, and low wake wash. Foils are high-strength stainless steel and can be replaced if damaged.

Propulsion is by twin Detroit Diesel 60 engines devloping 740 hp giving the vessel a 23 knot cruising speed and 32 knot top speed.

The main cabin is arranged to accommodate two complete survey stations. The stations provide surveyors with three PC's, eight monitors, one plotter, one printer, and Reson and Ross processors. All survey system electronics are mounted in four shock-isolated electronics cabinets designed and built by A&J Manufacturing. Two 2"- diameter stilling wells are located within the house to allow for periodic measurement of vessel draft during survey operations. "This vessel represents the state-of-the-art in survey platforms," said Scott Weiler, Kvichak project manager.

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