October 29, 2003

BIMCO supports IACS move on bulker double hulls

A requirement for bulkers over 150 m long to have double hulls is gathering momentum at IMO. The proposal is likely to be formally adopted in May 2004 and take effect by 2006-2007.

BIMCO’s Executive Committee is concerned that unless this double hull solution is carried out on the basis of genuine "designed for purpose" construction, shipowners will be ordering and yards will be building ships which would, "by and large, only constitute modified single hull designs and thereby fail to achieve the objectives which triggered this IMO action in the first place."

Accordingly BIMCO is strongly supporting IACS on the development of the necessary design criteria to produce common rules, which should be in place by the end of 2004. "Thus," says BIMCO,"shipowners will have a robust double hull solution within this timeframe."

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