October 21, 2003

Management realignment at American Commercial Lines

American Commercial Lines LLC today announced a realignment of senior management responsibilities as its latest step toward emerging from Chapter 11.

Peter L. Kazunas, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing and Logistics, along with W. Norb Whitlock, Senior Vice President Transportation Services, will continue in their leadership roles for ACL's core barging unit, American Commercial Barge Line LLC.

Martin K. Pepper, Senior Vice President of International Business Development remains responsible for ACL's offshore business activities.

Barker Price will assume the position of Vice President and General Manager of Jeffboat, which will focus on its core barge construction business.

Corporate support will be provided by Philip J. Gund, Interim CFO, Lisa L. Fleming, Senior Vice President Law and Administration, and Ann Y. Adams, Vice President Corporate Resources.

Stephen A. Frasher, President of American Commercial Lines LLC, said "Since filing for Chapter 11 on January 31, 2003, ACL has made a number of operational and management changes in an effort to streamline operations and return the organization to profitability. We believe the cumulative affect of the changes implemented over the past several months will hasten our emergence from bankruptcy while retaining critical customer service capabilities."

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