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Jan 27 & 28, 2004

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November 6, 2003

Two more ferries on Ebay

Back in August, the State of Alaska put its surplus 1969-built vehicle/passenger ferry the E. L. bartlett up for auction on online auction site Ebay.

The vessel sold for $389,000 (the winning bidder was "salmonman 1953").

Now at least two other ferries are on the Ebay block.

One auction (ending today) is for the 1950-built, 70 vehicle/500 passenger R.S. Sterling, once the property of the State of Texas. (It's Ebay item 2439858879 if you want to do an Ebay search).

The seller says the Sterling, which has twoCooper-Bessemer JS-6-T Diesel /  Electric propulsion 6 cylinder engines can "move sideways, circular & in both directions" and has a speed of "11 knots recommended but can go as fast as 13 knots."

If you're looking for something a tad faster, the other ferry currently on Ebay is the State of Washington's 1986-built, Incat design passenger-only catamaran Tyee. It can carry 292 passengers and is described as having a speed at full load of 26.5 knots. The auction ends November 11 and the Ebay item number is 2441092415 .

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