Port Security Conference

May 23, 2003

CP Ships appoints VP Supply Chain Security
CP Ships Limited has appointed Jared Henry as Vice President of Supply Chain Security. Based in Tampa, Florida, he assumes his new responsibilities in conjunction with his existing duties as VP Customer Service.

Henry's main focus is ensuring company-wide compliance with security initiatives that are being introduced by the U.S. and Canada, other countries and international bodies. He led CP Ships' recent effort to comply with the 24-Hour Rule, which was completed successfully and on time.

He also heads up the CP Ships Security Task Force which reports directly to CEO Ray Miles and which includes experts from across the group representing specialty areas such as Marine, Insurance and Claims, Communications and Business Process Improvement.

Henry joined CP Ships in 2001 as VP Customer Service. Prior to joining CP Ships he held a senior position with a U.S.-based freight forwarding and logistics company.

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