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May 23, 2003

Army to acquire seven TSV's
The U.S. Army Program Executive Office, Combat Support & Combat Service Support, PM Force Projection, is planning to acquire seven Objective Theater Support Vessels over the next six years through a combination of lease/purchases.

The TSV must be built in the United States.

The Objective Theater Support Vessel (TSV), is required for the intra-theater movement of troops and military equipment. Military equipment includes troops (passengers), rolling stock, containers and pallets, which are not on trailers.

The TSV will have the ability to operate out of minor ports, which are too small for large commercial cargo vessels and will have its own organic cargo handling capability.

The TSV must be able to self-deploy long distances without cargo and be built to commercial standards, supplemented as needed with military requirements, such as structural requirements beyond the minimal normally required for vehicle fast ferries. The TSV must be built in the United States.

The following is a summary of key anticipated requirements:

The overall length shall not exceed 121 meters (397 feet)
Minimum payload 950 tonnes (troops and equipment) at a minimum average speed of 40 knots
361 passengers (342 troops and 19 temporarily berthed)
2,323 square meters of effective cargo area for rolling stock
31 crew
4.57 m navigational draft
4,726 nm self-deployment (no cargo) at a minimum average speed of 40 knots
32.3 Beam overall

A Draft Purchase Description (PD) is available to elicit Industry comment. The Army is encouraging industry review and comments. Please email your responses to Marcia Czar, Contracting Officer, or Todd Burrows, Contract Specialist, by June 3, 2003 - or The Draft PD is subject to change prior to release of the Request for Proposals (RFP).

The RFP is currently being finalized at this time with an estimated release of the solicitation being mid August 2003.

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