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May 12, 2003

FPSV combines SWATH technology with waterjet propulsion

40-knot SWATH ferry
Fast ferry specialist FBM Babcock Marine is unveiling the FSPV. It's claimed to be the first high speed ferry that successfully incorporates the SWATH form with waterjets.This permits speeds of up to 40 knots to be maintained in sea conditions beyond a significant wave height of 3 m (relating to maximum wave heights beyond 5 m).

The FSPV is result of an extensive three-year test program. It has an overall length of 142 ft (128 ft on the waterline), a beam of 43 ft and a loaded draft of 9 ft.Construction material is aluminum.

Engine configurations offered include twin diesel, gas turbine and CODAG configurations.

John Warbey, managing director of FBM Babcock Marine, says the vessel "is the answer for fast ferry operators who have problems maintaining their service schedules due to weather conditions, or have exposed routes where reliable high speed services have previously been unfeasible."

"Development from FBM Babcock Marine's proven SWATH technology, with three previous slower vessels in service, the FSPV will provide reliability and continuity of service in high seas with passenger comfort being far superior to that offered by conventional multihulls or hydrofoils," says Warbey.

A SWATH vessel resembles a catamaran but with two submarine-like lower hulls submerged below the water surface and connected to the bridging raft by relatively thin vertical struts.Ê The submerged hull profile and the high raft clearance permit the SWATH to smoothly ride over rough surface waves.

The FSPV features large deck areas enabling flexible seating layouts for typically 400 passengers in two cabins, together with facilities for refreshments and tax free goods.

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