Port Security Conference

May 7, 2003

Textron, OTECH to build response boats
As we reported earlier, Manitowoc marine is among three vendors selected to each build one of three Response Boat -- Medium (RB-M) test boats.

The other two selected vendors are Textron Marine and Land Systems, New Orleans and Ocean Technical Services Inc. (OTECH) of Harvey, La.

Manitowoc hasn't disclosed many details of its design.

Textron reportedly offered a traditional hull design that begins with a deep "V" shape at the bow and becomes nearly flat at the stern. Its water jet propulsion system is expected to produce a top speed of 45 knots.

OTECH is reportedly offering a design with a catamaran hullform developed for the company by Viking Fast Craft Solutions of Gulfport, Miss.

The Coast Guard is pursuing the RB-M project using a two-phase competitive process.

Three vendors were selected based on their written proposals to produce a test boat of their design. Coast Guard personnel will test each of these boats and the three vendors will subsequently bid for a full-production contract of approximately 180 boats

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