Barge DBL 81 with tug JAVA SEA

March 12, 2003

Another OPA '90 barge from Bollinger
Bollinger Marine Fabricators, Amelia, La., has delivered the DBL 81, to K-Sea Transportation Corp., Staten Island, NY.

DBL 81 is an 80,000-barrel ocean service, double hull, oil tank barge built to meet the requirements of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA '90). It is American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) classed A1, Maltese Cross oil tank barge, unlimited ocean and is U. S. Coast Guard sub-chapter D approved.

DBL 81 is the second of a four OPA '90 barge contract underway at Bollinger for K-Sea. DBL 101, a 100,000 BBL barge, the first of the four was delivered by Bollinger in July, 2002. The remaining two barges in the contract will each have capacities of 80,000 and 100,000 BBL, and are scheduled for delivery in the second and fourth quarter of 2003.

DBL 81 was built to a new design provided by Guarino and Cox naval architects and marine engineers, Mandeville, La., which was adapted from a Richard Taubler Inc. design.

The barge is coupled with an existing K-Sea tug, JAVA SEA, using a connection system designed and delivered by Acomarin Engineering.

While the DBL 81 was in the final stages of construction, Bollinger Gulf Repair, L.L.C., retrofitted the JAVA SEA with a JAK coupler system, The Acomarin system is designed to increase operating efficiency and enhance safety and reliability by operating as a dual mode ITB.

DBL 81 features double block cargo segregation, segregated ballast and cargo monitoring--as well as advanced electrical and hydraulic systems.

The unmanned barge has an eight-foot high trunk deck--increasing cargo capacity. It is designed to carry Grade A oil and other petroleum products in ten tanks with capacities from 8312 BBL to 8668 BBL each.

Detroit Diesel series 60 engines power cargo and hydraulic pumps and the generator is powered by a Detroit Diesel series 71 engine.

The barge has a vapor recovery system sized for a maximum loading rate of 17,500 BBL per hour. The two discharge pumps can discharge a total of 9,400 BBL per hour. The ballast system is outfitted with two Byron Jackson hydraulic deepwell pumps.

Scott Theriot, executive vice president new construction of Bollinger Shipyards, Inc., noted that recent oil spills have focused renewed attention on single hull petroleum vessels and that some interests now want the OPA '90 phase out period shortened.

"Bollinger is in a unique position to build OPA '90 vessels," he said, "as our multiple shipyards have the design experience, the history of building numerous OPA '90 barges and the production capacity to build several of them simultaneously."

"As the phase out period gets closer," he warned, "production capacities will shrink and prices may rise. Now is the time to plan and build to have an orderly transition into the new requirements."

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