July 25, 2003


RTMC delivers its 21st Explorathor
Recherches et Travaux Maritimes Construction ( RTMC ), Quebec, Canada, has delivered the 21st ''Explorathor'' vessel built since 1995, offering both large capacity for up to 125 passengers as well as a comfortable dinner cruise service for 100 guests . The "Le Coudrier de l'Isle" was delivered on June 2003, to Les Excursions Maritimes Charlevoix inc, a boat tour company operating for 30 years in Québec City, Canada.

This is the second Explorathor boat purchased by this company servicing Québec's highly competitive tourism market .This unique and eye- catching design combines multi purpose for its operation as well as economical cost and operating expenses.

The performance standard required by them were quits demanding …

The client wanted a 65 ft lightweight , fast passenger boat with a shallow draft that could still handle the rough waters in St. Lawrence at a respectable speed.

The Explorathor is a highly maneuverable commercial vessel that, says RTMC, weighs 20 % less than any comparable boat and consumes 25 % less fuel than any vessel in its class.

The Alpha Power jet propulsion system offers reliability and economy thanks to:

1 Greater thrust at lower speed.

2 "Plug and play" installation

3 All stainless steel , corrosion-resistant construction of major components . 4Minimum loss of speed under fully loaded condition

The unique, pillarless, passenger enclosure on the Explorathor, being without pillars , permits optimum lay-out and passenger view.

The top is constructed of anodized aluminum frames and Lexan Thermo-Clear overhead panels.

Specifications of the RTMC Explorathor "Le coudrier de l'Isle'' are as follows:

  • LOA 19,9 meters or 65'
  • Beam OA 5,79 meters or 19"
  • Draft 0.8 meter or 29''
  • Engines 3 Cummins 430 BHP @ 2,500 rpm, diesel
  • Propulsion 3 Alpha Power Jets model 356.
  • Total seats:125 in hard PVC, colored, folding type .
  • Speed: 21-23 knots, cruising at 2,100- 2,200 rpm , fully loaded.
  • Top speed : 35 Knots in light condition.
  • Steering:Hydraulic.
  • Fuel tank:2000 liters
  • Pumping: 4X Immersion bilge pump (1 per compartment) automatic/ manual. Warning lights and sound alarm .
  • Hull / Deck: Aluminum Fabrilite.
  • Aluminum tube:Aluminum Fabrilite, D shape.
  • Glass top: Lexan made , opening protection. exit in the front.
  • Second Deck :For 50 pax, open sky. Doors: Left and right doors each side of the wheelhouse
  • Wheelhouse: Raised, self draining cockpit, windscreen wiper, pilot seat .
  • Instrumentation: Compass, rpm-counter, gauges, , bilge pumps control automatic and manual .VHF radio, depth-sounder. Radar16 miles range,2.2 kw included.
  • Toilet: TWO units included ,
  • Electrical equipment:Secured in locker, 2 X battery + 1X emergency battery for VHF radio. 7,000 Kw inverters 12V- 110 V
  • Navigation equipment:Navigation lights.
  • Engine room: Water tight. Co2 fire fighting system
  • Life raft/jacketsInflatable platform & life jackets for 125 people.
  • Communication system:Announcing system through loudspeakers HI-FI sound system mounted on 48 speakers- 3 zones + .CD player Radio cassette & Am-Fm.

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