July 3, 2003

More orders for MAN B&W 12K98ME-C
German shipowner NVA has placed an order for four 12K98ME-C engines--each delivering an output of 68,510 kW (93,120 bhp)-- to power its latest large containerships on order from Daewoo, South Korea.

Each engine, to be built by HSD in Korea, is destined to power an 8,400 TEU, 335 m long and 42.8 m wide containership. The ships will also be equipped with MAN B&W Holeby type 7L32/40GenSets,

The ME engine concept, with its fully integrated electronic control, offers lower operating costs, improved emission characteristics and a very high degree of flexibility related to various operating modes and optimization of part load characteristics, in particular.

Electronic control achieves optimal fuel injection timing and rate, as well as ensuring exhaust valve timing and operation exactly when and as desired.

The electronic control systems have been designed so that it is possible to generate proper fuel injection rate shaping while maintaining higher injection pressures (and thus, better combustion of the fuel) in low load conditions, without producing a too high pressure at higher loads.

The high fuel pressure is – for safety reasons – used only when needed.

In the ME engines, the control system is completely electronic. The ME engine range thus features fully integrated control of all functions such as the governor, start and reversing, fuel, exhaust and starting valves, as well as cylinder oil feeding.

The first ME engine was proved during extended operational trials on the M/T Bow Cecil (Odfjell, Norway). This ship has now completed over 13,000 operational hours without any problems.

The published orders for ME engines now comprise 25, with the cylinder bores from 50 to 98 cm represented.

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