February 14, 2003

Rolls-Royce power for DD(X) demonstrator
The new Rolls-Royce MT30 marine gas turbine has been selected to power the Integrated Power System (IPS) Engineering Development Model (EDM) for the U.S. Navy's DD(X) multimission destroyer program. This order marks the company's entry into the U.S. Navy large gas turbine market.

MT30 under test

Rolls-Royce will provide one 36 MW MT30 generator set to Northrop Grumman to drive the IPS EDM at the US Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division Land Based Test Facility (LBTF). In addition, the Rolls-Royce 4 MW AG9150 was selected to participate in a runoff with another 4 MW generator set in conjunction with LBTF IPS testing. The total contract is worth $25 million and is part of a $2.9 billion contract awarded last year in which the U.S. Navy designated Northrop Grumman as DD(X) design agent.

"The US Navy is seeking transformational technology," said Patrick J. Marolda, President, Rolls-Royce Naval Marine Inc."This is an opportunity to showcase how we have translated leading-edge, proven, aero engine technology into a unique marine power system. We are proud to team with Northrop Grumman to serve the U.S. Navy,

Saul Lanyado, Rolls-Royce President, Marine,noted that the DD(X) announcement followed the company's recent selection to provide gas turbines for the Royal Navy's two new aircraft carriers.

The DD(X) EDM gas turbine generator set will be provided to Northrop Grumman in early 2005. The MT30 is expected to have more than 75 percent U.S. content, and design, manufacture, assembly and testing of the generator set will be performed in the U.S. The AG9150 gas turbine was developed in Indianapolis and features nearly 100 percent U.S. content.

The 36 MW MT30 has 80 percent commonality with the Trent 800 aero engine, which has won a market-leading 44 percent of the Boeing 777 program, achieving more than two million flying hours since entering service in 1996.

Rolls-Royce says the MT30 is cost-effective and efficient compared to existing marine gas turbines operating over 25MW. It is available for service in either mechanical or electrical generator set applications for both commercial and naval marine markets. Offering improved power density and reliability, it is ideal for frigates, destroyers and aircraft carriers requiring high-powered propulsion. A single MT30 can replace two conventional boost turbines, saving space and reduces operating and ownership costs while giving propulsion system designers greater flexibility.

The MT30 is the eleventh engine type Rolls-Royce has derived from core aero engine technology. Its modular construction, a key element of all Rolls-Royce gas turbine technology, is claimed to combine reliability with maintainability.

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