August 18, 2003

Pilot boat order for Kvichak
Kvichak Marine Industries, Inc., Seattle, Wash., was recently awarded a contract to build a 75 ft (28 m) all-aluminum pilot boat for the Savannah Pilots Association of Savannah, Ga.

The all-aluminum pilot boat, designed by Camarc, Ltd., of the U.K, is the seventh pilot boat Camarc, Kvichak and Derecktor Shipyards, of New York, have partnered on to design and build for U.S. pilot associations.

Typically, Kvichak constructs Camarc-designed vessels west of the Mississippi River and Derecktor constructs those on the east side. However, due to Derecktor's current production schedule Kvichak is constructing the boat for Savannah.

Scheduled for an August 2004 delivery, the 75 ft x 21 ft vessel is powered by twin Cummins KTA-38 M2 engines rated for 1,350 bhp each and Hamilton 651 waterjets. This combination was selected to give excellent maneuverability and a top speed of about 28 knots.

"After extensive investigation, the Camarc pilot boat was chosen to improve our existing fleet," said Savannah pilot, Captain Tommy Browne. "Our new boat will operate in calm to turbulent seas and we felt this design best serves our needs in terms of safety, speed and outfitting."

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