Port Security Conference

April 7, 2003

Coalition nabs suspected minelayer
The U.S. Navy's Maritime Liaison Office in Bahrain, MARLO , has posted an update on its recent advisory regarding two unlocated Iraqi vessels suspected of association with minelaying operations.

One of the vessels, pilot boat AL SHOROOK, has been located in Iraqi waters. It is under Coalition forces control and is therefore no longer a threat.

The other vessel, tugboat AL FATEH AL MOBEEN, remains unlocated. It is possible the tugboat, like AL SHOROOK, is also within Iraqi waters. Coalition forces maintain search efforts and we request your continued support. If you have information on AL FATEH AL MOBEEN, please report it to Coalition forces or to MARLO immediately.

"On behalf of the Coalition leadership," says the latest update, "MARLO passes its gratitude to the many of you that responded to the previous Advisory. Your assistance helped neutralize a potential danger to both commercial and naval shipping."

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