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April 25 2003

More ferry services for NYC
New York City is set to get more ferry services as part of a bold new plan for the revitalization of Lower Manhattan.

Governor George E. Pataki yesterday announced a set of priority projects to restore Lower Manhattan's transportation infrastructure and lay the foundation for the area's future growth.

"Today I am announcing a plan for a 21st century transportation network that befits the nation's third largest central business district and the financial capital of the world," Governor Pataki said. "This will be an aggressive schedule that will serve as a catalyst for the economic rebirth of Lower Manhattan. Working with Mayor Bloomberg and our New York City partners, we will move quickly and decisively to create a transportation system that will be the envy of the world."

The transportation blueprint, called Lower Manhattan Transportation Strategies, consists of four fundamental pillars, one of which is to create direct rail and ferry access to Long Island and the region's three major airports.

As part of the plan the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will facilitate a ferry service between Lower Manhattan and JFK by 2005. This will serve as an interim measure to create more direct airport access to Lower Manhattan. To enhance LaGuardia Airport connections, a fast ferry will also run between Lower Manhattan's ferry terminals and a new LaGuardia ferry terminal, where shuttle buses will deliver passengers directly to the airline terminals.

Enhancing and expanding ferry service to Lower Manhattan is a key means of linking Lower Manhattan to the region. Already, the private ferry fleet operating in New York Harbor is the largest in the United States, with Lower Manhattan being the prime destination. Identifying precisely how to expand ferry service to Lower Manhattan from throughout the region will require a focused, formal study. An interagency study involving the Port Authority, City of New York, and LMDC will be undertaken to identify lines for continued investments as well as viable new routes throughout the region.

The blueprint for a state-of-the-art, world-class integrated transportation system was prepared by a team that includes the LMDC, the Office of the Mayor, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (the Port Authority), the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA), the State Department of Transportation and other partner state and city agencies.

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