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April 14 2003

Star Cruises crew members recover
Star Cruises says the two crew members with possible SARS symptoms who were hospitalized last week have recovered.

The crew member admitted to Singapore's Tan Tock Seng hospital on April 9 was discharged yesterday. The final diagnosis for was bronchitis.

The crew member admitted to Malaysia's Langkawi Hospital on April 7 and who was treated as "probable SARS" has been discharged and placed under "home" quarantine for a further ten days, in line with recommended procedures with regards to handling of SARS cases in designated hospitals.

The crew who was admitted to the Tan Tock Seng hospital in Singapore as a "suspect case" has recovered and certified fit to be discharged.

Since the outbreak of SARS in certain countries in its region, Star Cruises has been closely monitoring the situation and says it "has taken every proactive and preventive measure within its capacity." These measures have included sending any crew member exhibiting even the slightest symptoms related to SARS to shoreside hospitals. This drastic measure was taken to protect the ship, passengers and crew.

Given the severity of the situation and the number of resulting cruise cancelations , Star Cruises has canceled the present itineraries of SuperStar Virgo and SuperStar Leo for the months of April and May and April to July respectively.

Star Cruises is presently planning new itineraries for the ships which will be announced this week.

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