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March 6 2002

Radio Holland Group becomes independent
Following a management buyout, SRH Marine has now become an independent entity that will take the name Radio Holland Group. It will be headquartered in Rotterdam.

"We are very pleased that the new Radio Holland Group is now an independent international sales & service company in the worldwide maritime market," said new CEO David Slager. "We choose the name Radio Holland Group because Radio Holland still is a very strong and renowned name in the worldwide maritime industry. Our aim is to offer our customers even better and more extensive service through our service network, which is more closely connected than ever. We provide a quality range of maritime electronics from the best international suppliers and aim to be an innovative frontrunner on a worldwide scale."

The Radio Holland Group employs some 700 people worldwide in 42 branches. It specializes in the supply, installation and service of maritime electronics.

The Radio Holland Group consists of the following companies: Radio Holland Marine and its subsidiaries Sailtron, Venteville and RHContent@Sea (The Netherlands), Radio Holland USA, Radio Holland Canada, Radio Holland Middle East (UAE), Radio Holland South Africa, Radio Holland Singapore, Radio Holland Hong Kong (including Radio Holland Rep. Offices in Shanghai en Dalian), SRH Marine Electronics Greece, SEMA (Portugal), EuroMarine Belgium, Skanti Radio (Norway), Suez Electronics (Egypt) en S&L Marine (Germany).

The company was founded in 1916 by a group of Dutch shipowners, who saw the significance of radio communications to the safety and efficiency of shipping.