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February 22, 2002

Trico takes legal action against ITF
The International Transport Federation today accused Trico Marine Services of launching an "attack on the fundamental principle of international union solidarity".

Trico has been the subject of a longstanding campaign that, says the ITF, is "to ensure that its American workers, like those in other parts of the world, can freely exercise their right to join trade unions. The campaigns have involved maritime unions affiliated to the ITF and members of the International Federation of Chemical Energy and Mineworkers (ICEM), which represents oil industry workers."

Despite offers by the ITF and ICEM to hold open discussions on the issues concerned, Trico has decided to commence legal proceedings against the ITF in the Commercial Court in London, referring to activities which form part of the international campaign.

The ITF stated that it appears that Trico has been planning legal action for some time. ITF said the court action "comes despite the failure of a recent appeal against a decision in the ITF's favor by the U.S. National Labor Relations Board.

Commenting on the proceedings, ITF General Secretary David Cockroft said: "In many ways we are quite flattered by this court action. It clearly shows that international trade union solidarity can worry multinational employers. This is an issue of fundamental importance to the entire international trade union movement and the ITF will defend this case vigorously."

A Trico spokesman confirmed that legal action has been taken in London and that the ITF is named in the suit, but declined to comment further while the litigation remained pemding.