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April 12, 2002

SeaWave completes state-of-the-art station
Maritime wireless communications specialist SeaWave has completed a new, state-of-the-art communications station.  Located in Rhode Island, the facility provides SeaWave subscribers Internet e-mail and NOAA weather data using high frequency radio and advanced signal processing.
The new station consists of multiple antenna arrays that provide worldwide coverage for SeaWave customers.  Dedicated directional antennas support different geographic locations throughout the world to maximize coverage.  The SeaWave Communications Station uses a high-speed satellite link to interface with multiple servers located at SeaWave Corporate Offices in Middletown, RI.  The facility has upgraded users’ ability to send and receive digital e-mail due to its increased sensitivity in reception.   
“SeaWave’s new communications station was designed and built with the latest technology in wireless communications” stated Joe Estrada, director of operations, SeaWave LLC.  “This new technology allows us to increase capacity and speed as well as offer future products that enhance our current offering and better serve our subscribers.”

In March, SeaWave announced its newest maritime communications software, SeaWave Navigator Version 1.1.  SeaWave Navigator is a low-cost, user-friendly communications solution, providing Internet e-mail, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) color weather charts, NOAA text weather forecasts, and other communication services to professional mariners. 

“SeaWave has upgraded all systems using state-of-the-art equipment and software” said Don Black, chief executive officer, SeaWave LLC.  “The completion of the SeaWave Communications Station combined with the recently released SeaWave Navigator software has firmly positioned SeaWave as a technology leader in the maritime communications industry.”

SeaWave is an FCC-licensed common carrier, bringing land-based digital communications to ocean-going vessels.  SeaWave offers two-way Internet e-mail, full-color graphic weather charts, text weather forecasts, and other information services to private, government, and commercial vessels.

NEW SALES DIRECTOR: Separately, SeaWave announced the appointment of Chuck Gibson as director of sales.  Gibson will be located in Coral Springs, Florida and will be responsible for all sales in the United States. 
Most recently, Gibson has served as a sales executive at Telenisus, a managed Internet infrastructure service provider, helping customers conduct business securely over the Internet.  Previously, he was VP sales at Cruisephone, Inc. and was instrumental in driving the company to become a multi-million dollar, international maritime communications provider. 

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