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April 10, 2002

Telenor makes Inmarsat Fleet service available
Telenor Satellite Services announced today that Inmarsat's new Fleet service is now available to customers globally.

Telenor is the first Land Earth Station Operator (LESO) in the Inmarsat system to receive formal approval from Inmarsat for commercial operation of the new service.

Available today to all ocean regions through Telenor's Eik Land Earth Station in Norway and its Santa Paula, California, facility, Telenor's Fleet service via Inmarsat delivers a wide range of commercial communications needs for voice, fax and data services at speeds of up to 64 kbps, including the rapid mobile Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and the new, resource-efficient Mobile Packet Data Service.

Fleet 77 terminal and transmitterThe service available today, "Fleet F77", is targeted primarily at ocean-going vessels such as tankers, containerships, fishing vessels, and large yachts, using equipment smaller than the current Inmarsat-B antenna. The 77 refers to the average diameter, in centimeters, of the required antenna.

Fleet's ISDN service provides broadcast quality audio and video enabling video conferencing, e-commerce, high volume data transfer, distance learning, and remote performance monitoring.

The new service also offers the flexibility of Mobile Packet Data Service, providing maritime customers the benefit of paying only for data they transmit and receive instead of paying for the time they are connected to the satellite.

This feature is particularly valuable for mariners using global Internet applications including Web access, file transfer and e-mail. Fleet's packet data technology enables users to share satellite resources. This increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Fleet also brings a new dimension of safety to maritime communications. Fleet meets the International Maritime Organization's criteria for global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS) by providing pre-emption and voice prioritization for five levels of priorities; distress, urgency, safety, and routine (personal and business) communications.

"Telenor is proud that our global service has met Inmarsat's rigorous certification criteria enabling us to offer worldwide Fleet service to maritime customers through Inmarsat's satellites and our global terrestrial network," said Tore Hilde, vice president and general manager of Telenor Satellite Services.

There will be in-depth coverage of Fleet 77 in the upcoming May issue of the print Marine Log.

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