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April 4,2002

"Bright" outlook for Jones Act newbuilds

A new analysis by the Shipbuilders Council of America shows substantial Jones Act building opportunities for U.S. shipyards in the near and mid term.

According to the analysis:

  • substantial builing remains needed to replace tankers and ocean-going tank barges being phased out under ’OPA 90
  • almost 70% of crewboats and OSV's over 90 ft is more than 20 years old
  • 13 of the 38 Jones Act fleet of containerships and RO/RO ships are 30 years or more old
  • average age of the large general cargo barge and bulk barge fleet is 29 years
  • only 750 of 3,000 inland tank barges are less than 20 years old and almost 50% of the inland dry cargo and deck barge fleet is more than 15 years old.

In addition. substantial building opportunities are expected for vessels to meet expanding coastwise markets, passenger ferries, dredges and non-combatant government ships.

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