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August 30, 2001

Matado 3 floating crane

Dutch company orders giant floating crane
Bonn & Mees Drijvende Bokken of Rotterdam recently started the newbuilding of a massive floating crane.The "sheerlegs"-type crane, with a maximum lifting capacity of over 1,400 tons in the main frame and 600 tons in the fly-jib, will be named "Matador 3".

  • Some details of the "Matador 3" are:
  • Length: 70 m
  • Width: 32 m
  • Depth: 6 m
  • Capacity:
    • 1400 tons in main tackles: 42 m lifting height above deck 12 m outreach from front pontoon
    • 600 tons in top tackles: 74 m lifting height above deck
      26 mtrs outreach from front pontoon
    • 400 tons in top tackles: 60 m lifting height above deck
      41 m outreach from front pontoon

The "Matador 3" is expected to be operational mid 2002. It is an extension of Bonn & Mees' existing fleet, consisting of the 100 tons "Goliath" (built 1964), the 400 tons "Matador" (built 1969) and the 400 tons "Matador 2" (built 1976).

Bonn & Mees is an old-line Rotterdam company, founded in 1888 as a shipbuilding company. Its yard closed in 1931, but its sheerlegs rental business goes back to 1916.

With vessels getting bigger, lift weights increasing and lifting operations becoming more complex, Bonn & Mees has been studying newbuilding possibilities for some time, looking first at 800 tons sheerlegs, later at 1,000 tons and 1,200 tons--and finally a 1,400 tons lifting capacity version.

Final engineering of the Matador 3 performed by Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam, in close co-operation with Internatio-Muller's Imtech Marine & Industry. The giant sheerlegs will be classified by Bureau Veritas, enabling it to operate worldwide, inshore and offshore.

A great plus of het "Matador 3" is the slight draft. Through here the sheerlegs can do heavy lift jobs in coastal waters as well as most narrow ports.

The pontoon for this giant, together with the accommodation and funnels, is now under construction in Romania and will be towed to the Netherlands for fitting of all remaining components, such as diesel-engines, generators, winches, electrical installation and the A-frame and jib.

The new sheerlegs crane is prepared for Dynamic Positioning. This will enhance its capabilities for precise loading and unloading of vessels, placing of bridges and lockgates and operations at sea, such as salvage. The "Matador 3" is also prepared for pulling 2 x 500 tons "over the bow." t