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August 29, 2001

Telaurus acquire US HF Radio stations
Telaurus Communications Inc (Telaurus), announced the acquisition by its subsidiary company MMR Radio Inc., of three internationally well-known U.S. HF radio stations. The stations, WLO in Mobile, Alabama; KLB in Seattle, Washington and WSC in Tuckerton, New Jersey will be incorporated into the Telaurus global network. WLO is the USAs only full service provider of voice, marine telex and data services to ships at sea

Telaurus describes itself as "a new provider of low-cost advanced maritime communication solutions for commercial vessels and their crews." It says that the acquisition of "one of the premier radio station networks in the world with over fifty years of service to the maritime industry" will dramatically increase its global coverage.

Telaurus will shortly launch new low-cost advanced data communications services to the shipping industry. They will provide vessels and crew with communications and connectivity at dramatically reduced costs, while offering options and features not available from other systems, says Telaurus CEO Christopher Oldham.

Telaurus intends to continue WLO and its associated stations legacy radio services while complementing them with Telaurus advanced data and e-mail solutions for vessels and crew.

Telaurus Communications Inc. is deploying a global hybrid HF Radio/Satellite Network to provide low cost integrated data communications for ships at sea.