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April 30, 2001

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New ABS Board members
Gerhard E. Kurz, president and CEO, Seabulk International, Inc. and Joseph Kwok, COO, Neptune Orient Lines Ltd. were elected to the ABS Board of Directors, by the ABS Council, following the recent Annual Members Meeting of the classification society in New York.

Kurz is responsible for the revitalization of Seabulk International, Inc. (formerly Hvide Marine Inc.)

Kwok is COO of the NOL group of companies and also its CEO of chartering. He is responsible for the entire group's fleet operations. NOL is a global transportation and logistics company operating a fleet of 43 containerships. Its tanker subsidiary, American Eagle Tankers, currently operates a fleet of 22 modern Aframax tankers, with an average age of just over six years.

Also elected to the ABS Council at the annual meeting were Choo Chian Beng, chairman and managingdirector, Keppel FELS, Mustafa A. Jalali, president and CEO, Aramco Services Company, Dr Frank F.H. Lu, chairman, Taiwan Navigation Co., and A.P. (Paul) Revere, president, Sea River Maritime

Carnival Spirit gets Green Star
Carnival Cruise Lines’ new 88,500-ton Carnival Spirit has received the Registro Italiano Navale Group (RINA) Green Star designation. It was awarded the Green Star award for meeting the stringent environmental guidelines of RINA’s two voluntary class notations, Clean Sea and Clean Air. The notations focus on the control and prevention of sea and air pollution and also comply with the regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

According to Franco Porcellacchia, RINA’s international marine manager, “RINA surveyors were on-site at Kvaerner Masa-Yards in Helsinki, Finland, where the Carnival Spirit was built, throughout the shipbuilding process to ensure the vessel fully complied with the stringent standards required to earn the Green Star designation.”

The Carnival Spirit is the second vessel to be awarded the Green Star designation. The Costa Atlantica of Carnival’s sister company, Costa Cruises, received the designation when it entered service in July 2000.

“RINA’s Design for Environment (DfE) designation ‘Green Star’ is one of the most comprehensive programs available in the maritime industry and entails a significant capital investment as well as an investment in our on-board human resources,” said Jim Walsh, Carnival’s vice president of environmental, health and safety.

Important features of Carnival Spirit include the segregation of bilge spaces, which further minimizes the possibility of tainting water with oil, and the isolation of fuel tanks with “double hull-like” protection, reducing the possibility of rupture in the event of a grounding.

Carnival Spirit is also the first cruise ship to feature Wartsila’s new “smokeless” EnviroEngine, which reduces visible emissions and is expected to enhance fuel efficiency. One of the ship’s six engines presently features this technology, and a second engine will be modified and converted at a later date. All six engines already meet MARPOL rules for nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Other features include new wastewater treatment, food waste processing systems and environmentally friendly refrigerants, paints and other products.

Carnival Spirit adheres to Carnival’s comprehensive fleetwide environmental program. This includes a waste-management plan, in which solid waste is processed and incinerated on board or sent to a shoreside facility for treatment, recycling or disposal. The line is already in full compliance with international and domestic environmental laws and regulations, including those of the IMO and the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

INTERTANKO goes transparent
The Council of INTERTANKO, the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners, has approved a definition of transparency which means that classification societies should make available to flag states, port states and charterers information on

  • Overdue Class Surveys;
  • Overdue Statutory Surveys and expired Statutory Certificates;
  • *Overdue Condition of Class (Overdue Recommendations);
  • Suspension of Class;
  • *Withdrawal of Class.

In the case of a major incident/accident on one of their ships, Intertanko members are encouraged to release such information as:

  • relevant initial design information;
  • any significant design modifications (which, when and where/by which yard);
  • Flag, Class, Authority issuing DOC and SMC Certificate;
  • details of the voyage when incident occurred;
  • historical record of the last 12(24) months PSC inspections;
  • table with:
    • all previous names;
    • all owners/managers and the time for each of these periods;
    • all flags and time period;
    • all class societies and time period;
    • all significant casualties (what, when, where);
    • all significant repairs (what, when, where/by which yard).