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July 18, 2001

Box ship order for Bender
Bender Shipbuilding & Repair. Mobile, is set to ink a contract Friday to build two containerships for Santa Maria Shipping LLC, a new entrant in the California-Hawaii Jones Act trade.

Each ship will be capable of carrying 367 45-ft containers.

Bender says the contract, which is the first placed with a U.S. yard for a containership in 10 years, will add 150 jobs to the Mobile region economy.

No contract price has been disclosed. However the contract will be the subject of a Title Xi loan guarantee application.

The 450-foot long, 11,120 dwt ships will have a draft of about 24 feet and a speed of 18 knots.

According to information on its website, Santa Maria plans to offer custmers rates 5-10% lower than the competition. It will accept cargo from contracted customers only.

European Commission moves to tighten maritime safety
The EC decided today to pursue infringement proceedings against several European Union member states that do not fully comply with European maritime safety legislation in that they have not informed the Commission of the national measures they are required to take.

"The EU has decided to make maritime safety a priority" said Loyola de Palacio, Vice-President in charge of transport policy. "This means that we have not only to promote better legislation but also to ensure that all appropriate measures have been taken by Member States.

The Commission is sending "reasoned opinions" to Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Germany and the United Kingdom for non-communication of national measures on port State control.

These states have not communicated national measures implementing Commission Directive1999/97/EC. Its purpose is to strengthen Community port state control provisions by better targeting ships selected for inspection and focusing resources on the more likely substandard ships. It also introduces an obligation to publish information concerning ships detained in Community ports on a monthly basis as a way to raise safety awareness within the shipping industry

The Commission is also sending "reasoned opinions" to Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Sweden and Finland for non-communication of national measures on mandatory surveys for passenger ships.

Commission Directive 1999/35/EC provides for mandatory surveys, regardless of flag, of RO/RO ferries and high-speed passenger craft providing regular services to or from Community ports. Member states, as host states, are required to carry out surveys prior to the start of a service and thereafter at regular intervals as well as whenever a significant change occurs in operating circumstances.

Where these inspections reveal dangerous non-conformity with safety standards, host states must prevent such ferries and crafts from operating these regular services.

The.Commission is brings Belgium before the European Court of Justice for non-communication of national measures on fishing vessels.

Belgium failed to communicate national measures transposing an amendment to Directive 1999/19/EC(2). The amendment introduces radio communication requirements in line with IMO guidelines.