Friday, March 24, 2000

New top appointments at FGH
J. L. Holloway, chairman and chief executive officer of Friede Goldman Halter has announced the appointment of two company executives to new positions:

John F. Alford assumes the title of president and COO. He was formerly an FGH executive vice president with responsibility for business development.

Richard T. McCreary assumes the title of group president, Halter Marine. McCreary had been senior vice president, administration and managed the company's vessel repair business.

"Both of these men have played key roles in every major decision this company has faced in recent years, and their involvement in our future will only become greater," said Holloway. "I am counting on each of them to play a larger part in executing our strategy of increasing shareholder value by focusing on core businesses and eliminating non-value-added activities."

Alford, 40, joined Friede Goldman Halter's predecessor company, Friede Goldman International, in 1996 after a career in banking and served as senior vice president and chief financial officer at the time of Friede Goldman's initial public offering. Since then, he has served as architect of the company's acquisition strategy and has spearheaded the team working to resolve outstanding contract issues. He holds an undergraduate degree in business from the University of South Mississippi.

McCreary, 44, joined Halter Marine Group in 1997 after a 20-year career in shipping. His initial duties included responsibility for all corporate administration functions and in 1999 he assumed sales and operations responsibility for the company's five vessel repair yards in Louisiana and Texas. Prior to joining Halter, McCreary held management positions with Maritrans, Canal Barge, Valley Line and SCNO Barge Lines. He holds a bachelor's degree in naval architecture from the University of Michigan and a master's in business administration from the University of Chicago.

Newport News Shipbuilding makes a software buy
Newport News Shipbuilding (one of whose largest shareholders is Bill Gates) has made a significant software buy. ENOVIA e-business solutions along with IBM Global Services will be used to optimize and support design, development and construction of all future Newport News ships.

ENOVIA e-business solutions are described as helping companies speed product innovation while simultaneously managing the huge amounts of data generated in the development process. They do this by enabling collaboration between teams that are often located in multiple locations.

ENOVIAPM will be used for product data and document management and will act as an interface to both the engineering and manufacturing software used by Newport News Shipbuilding. The ENOVIAPM software will track more than four million parts, two million designs, drawings and revisions and another two million bill-of-material configurations.

It is expected that more than 1,000 Newport News Shipbuilding employees will use the ENOVIAPM e-business solution when in full production. To minimize any impact on operational activities, the implementation will be initiated in stages and is expected to be completed within the next year.

"The configuration management features and the tight linkages to our CAD and ERP software made ENOVIA the obvious choice for us," said Steve Hassell, chief information officer, Newport News Shipbuilding. With such a huge project we are especially pleased about the end-to-end support and services we are getting from IBM." He later added, "With such a huge project we are especially pleased about the end-to-end support we are getting from IBM Global Services."

Newport News Shipbuilding chose ENOVIA as part of an extensive re-engineering effort. One key goal is to reduce production delays by helping product designers access information on existing parts and designs using a central repository, thereby minimizing or eliminating the time it takes for redesigns.


Tanker owner launches on-line chartering venture
OMI Corporation has announced the creation of, which it describes "as a neutral electronic exchange for the shipping industry.

SeaLogistics will offer a broad range of content and services for the entire shipping industry and will initially focus on on-line chartering for the shipment of crude oil and petroleum products.

"Due to the fragmentation of charterers, shipowners and sources of information, the current chartering process is inefficient, expensive and opaque," says Craig H. Stevenson, Jr.. president and CEO of OMI, and chairman and interim CEO of SeaLogistics. "By using e-commerce tools, SeaLogistics is creating an electronic marketplace to directly address these issues and benefit charterers and shipowners through:

  • Reduced total shipping costs and elimination of inefficient processes
  • More efficient cargo-vessel match through broader access to ship owners, information about cargo availability, and opportunity to actively bid on back-haul opportunities
  • Creation of a transparent and 'demystified' shipping market that will enable more effective trading
  • Access to a ship safety and environmental history
  • Creation of a liquid forwards market for petroleum shipping''

SeaLogistics is in discussions with major charterers and shipowners to determine levels of
participation. It expects to be on-line during the fourth quarter of 2000. OMI has retained McKinsey & Company
to act as strategic advisor in connection with the launch of SeaLogistics.


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