Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Piracy incidents continue

Here is a summary of the daily reports broadcast to all shipping by the IMB's Piracy Reporting Center on the safetyNET service of Inmarsat-C from August 1--8,2000.

Recently, persons in small fast boats have been trying to board ships off Bab Al Mandeb in the southern tip of the Red Sea, around lat 13 00N long 43 00E. Masters have reported that small boats appear to wait at the northern end of the traffic lane where ships slow down to make a turn.

Ships calling at the Indonesian ports of Belawan, Jakarta, Merak, Panjang, Samarinda and Tanjong Priok have reported numerous pirate attacks while at anchor and at berth. Attacks have also been reported at Chittagong, Mongla and Chennai.

Ships at ports in Bangladesh have been subjected to theft of zinc znodes welded to ship's sides and the stern.

Somalian waters continue to be a risk prone area for hijackings. Ships should keep at least 50 miles and if
possible 100 miles from the Somali coast. Use of radio communications in these waters should be kept to a minimum

Suspicious craft sightings
On 04.08.2000 at 1645 UTC in position 10:45.8N - 110:27.8E, South China Sea. Two speed boats approached a bulk carrier closely on the starboard side. The crew raised the alarm, activated water jets and alerted other vessels on VHF Ch 16. The boats retreated.

On 29.07.2000 at 2250 UTC in position: 13:11.5N - 043:01E, Southern Red Sea.
Four unlit boats approached a bulk carrier. When the ship directed searchlights at the boats they retreated.

Latest reported incidents
On 03.08.2000 at 0224 LT in position: 00:11N - 103:38E, Malacca Straits. While underway two speedboats approached a containership from the port bow and port beam. The ship raised the alarm and alerted the crew. The boats retreated immediately.

On 02.08.2000 in Bangka strait, Indonesia. While underway, approximately six pirates boarded a containership. The 3rd engineer informed the bridge and the alarm was raised. The pirates escaped in their boat

On 02.08.2000 at anchor at Chittagong, Bangladesh. Two men from a fishing boat boarded a containership. The duty officer noticed them whereupon they escaped.

On 01.08.2000 at anchor at Cochin, India. Eight pirates boarded a tanker via anchor chain. Duty A/B spotted them and informed the bridge. The alarm was raised and crew mustered at emergency stations. The pirates escaped taking with them one mooring rope.

On 31.07.2000 in position: 02:01.4N - 102:02.9E, Malacca Straits. A bulk carrier's radar picked a target (boat) at 0.7mls. When the target's range was 0.5 miles, the 3rd officer directed searchlights at the boat. The boat

On 31.07.2000 in position: 10:47.5N - 109:56.4E, South China Sea. Two high-speed boats approached both sides of a RORO ship. The ship fired signal rockets and activated high-pressure water jets. The boats retreated.

On 29.07.2000 at 1645 UTC at Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh. Ten pirates armed with knives made three attempts to board a general cargo ship from stern and bow. They threw stones at the ship's crew. The attempted boarding was unsuccessful.

On 29.07.2000 at 0200 LT at Chittagong Alpha anchorage, Bangladesh. About twenty pirates armed with long knives boarded a bulk carrier and tied up two local watchmen on board. They forced open forecastle store and stole ship's stores. Duty officer raised alarm and alerted the crew. The pirates escaped.

On 29.07.2000 at 1342 UTC in position: 20:13N - 092:22E, Myanmar. While underway en route from Singapore to Bangladesh a general cargo ship was chased and fired at by persons in a boat. The master increased speed and sent messages for help. The chase continued for two hours before being aborted.
There was no response from the rescue center in Yangon. No injuries to crew and no boarding took place.

On 28.07.2000 at 2145 LT in position: 01:45.2N - 102:32.5E, Malacca Straits. About eight pirates armed with knives boarded a containership and held an electrician hostage. They proceeded to officers' cabins and stole cash and personal belongings.

On 28.07.2000 at 1700 UTC in position: 01:42S - 116:39E at Adangbay anchorage, Indonesia. Three pirates boarded a bulk carrier via anchor chain and tried to break open the forecastle store. Anti piracy watch alerted the bridge and general alarm was sounded. Pirates fled in their boat.

On 01.08.2000 at 0442 UTC in position: 13:44.2N - 042:57.8E, Southern Red Sea. Speedboats approached a tanker. One boat with six persons tried to block the ship's passage. The bridge crew took evasive maneuvers and prevented the attempted attack.

Advice to all ships
Extra caution is advised at all ports in Indonesia, Gelasa Str, Bangka Str, Berhala Str, Sunda Str, Malacca Straits, Singapore Str, Phillip Channel, Sprately Island, Chittagong Roads, Mongla Anchorage, Colombo Anchorage, Chennai anchorage, Tuticorin Roads, Kandla, Southern Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, the Somali coast and Nigerian ports.

All vessels are advised to maintain anti-piracy watches and report all suspicious movements of craft. Piratical attacks should be immediately reported to the Piracy Reporting Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The center
is manned 24 hours, everyday.

Anti Piracy help line:
Tel +60 3 201 0014
Fax +60 3 238 5769
Telex MA 31880 IMBPCI

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